It’s that time of year again!  

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If your house is anything like mine, holiday gift lists are being re-drafted each day, mostly by the kids!

Each year I think I’m going to start early on the shopping and the homemade gift making.  And each year I wait until December and then panic.  I wish I could tell you that I’m zen and prepared for the holiday season… but that would be a lie.  Zen would be the LAST word used to describe me in December.  

So to help us both, I’ve put together a holiday gift guide for the lucky individuals on your gift list.  From teachers to nieces and nephews, you’ll find something for everyone here.  I’ve included gifts for purchase and things you can make yourself, depending on your desires.  I hope this holiday gift guide helps to inspire you this month (while also allowing you to stay in your PJs to shop).

Here we go!  My Holiday Gift List for Families…

For the teacher in your life:

Lip Love

This non-toxic lip set will leave lips soft and smooth.  My kids will give these to their teachers this year (shhh!).

Homemade Sugar Scrub

These body scrubs take 5 minutes to make and teachers love them!

Homemade Candles

Commercial candles emit carcinogens and hormone disruptors into the home.  Help your favorite teacher breathe easy with these homemade beeswax candles. Don’t want to make your own?  Try these instead.

Gifts the kids will LOVE:

Sewing School

Pair this cute book with a small sewing kit for hours of fun.

Nail Polish

This less toxic nail polish makes a great stocking stuffer for girls and boys alike.

Journal for Mom & Daughter

This is a sweet idea for moms and daughters.  A no-stress journal to keep communication alive through the tween and teen years.

Kinetic Sand

This sand has a magic (apparently non-toxic) ingredient that any child will love.  This is great for kids who like sensory play.

Easy Origami

My son is obsessed with watching easy origami videos on YouTube so he will love this beginner origami kit.

Non-toxic Paints

My daughter LOVES to paint, but the fumes from usual brands knock me over.  This year I’ll be buying her this non-toxic paint set to please us both.

Karaoke Machine

I might be crazy, but I’m thinking about getting my kids a karaoke machine this year because they love music and singing so much.  Better than a drum set you think?

Balance Bike

This is a great idea for my new 4 year old as she prepares to ride a bike.  So many parents rave about the balance bike, have you tried it?

Non-toxic Clay

My kids still love play dough and I love that this brand offers a non-toxic option.  Makes a great stocking stuffer.

How about some NON-toy options for the little ones in your life?  Check out my favorites in this post.

For the natural mama:

Salt Lamp

We have several of these lamps around the home to clean the air.  My kids also use one as their night light.

Shimmer Collection

When was the last time a glitter body oil was non-toxic?  I can’t wait to get my hands on this classy shimmer body oil from Beautycounter.  You can find it in the Holiday Shop.

Q & A for Kids

You know all those cute things your kids say that you never write down?  Now you can in this sweet 3 year journal for moms!

Lip Gloss

I have 2  of these in my purse at all times.  I love lip gloss and these all rate 0-2 on the EWG’s Skin Deep website meaning they are non-toxic and safe to wear daily.  My favorite color is peony, but this holiday gift set looks yummy, too (find it in the Holiday Shop).

Homemade Facial Scrub

What better gift than a homemade “better than botox” facial scrub?  This is by far the most popular post on my website and an easy holiday gift to give to the non-toxic beauty lover on your list.

Natural Remedies for Children by KulaMama

Natural Remedies Ebook

My ebook: Natural Remedies for Children is a wonderful gift to give (if I do say so myself!). Learn simple and effective natural remedies for the most common childhood ailments.  Learn more here!

Big Magic

I haven’t met someone who didn’t rave about the book, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It’s on my must read list for the new year.  Find it here.

Low-EMF Infrared Sauna

If I talk about this enough here on Kula Mama, maybe my husband will take the hint and buy me this awesome low-emf infrared sauna.

Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are said to be the next best thing to meditation, offering all the associated health benefits, too.  I have this book and love all the positive affirmations included.

An Essential Oils Starter Kit…

I think the gift of wellness is one of the best gifts you can give a natural mama (or papa!).  Our family uses Young Living Essential Oils because I trust the quality of the farms they use.  Like everything, it’s all about the farms!  The Young Living Premium Starter Kit contains 10 of the most used oils, plus a beautiful home diffuser.  This is all you need to get started using essential oils with the family.  We use EOs for almost everything: sleep, healing, colds and flus, cleaning–you name it– we probably have an oil for it!  The starter kit is only $160 (with a value of $320!).  Find out more here.

Don’t forget about Dad…

Contigo Travel Mug

My husband and I fight over the contigo travel mug every morning before work.  So this year he’s getting his own.

Bulletproof Coffee

My guy is all about his bulletproof coffee this year.  Have you tried it?

Go Pro Holiday Bundle

Is there an adventure seeker on your list?  My 7 year old announced he might “need” a go pro this year.  I said probably not for you, but maybe for Daddy!

Whew!  All finished!

What did I forget?  Have you found any great natural products for your family?  Share them in the comments below!

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