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Why do I use essential oils?

Ever since having my children, I’ve been interested in natural ways to help boost the immune system.  If you’ve been reading my website for any length of time you know I always try the natural route first when my children get sick.  My education and training is in health education and holistic nutrition, so usually my first course of action is food and sometimes supplementation.  However, as my children entered toddler-hood I found I was getting a little…ahem… push back in the food department and it wasn’t as easy to put my sick kid on an alkaline diet during a cold virus.  Maybe he didn’t want to eat the broccoli I served, or maybe he was NEVER going to take that vitamin C supplement I tried to hide in his water.

This is about the time I started searching for other methods of healing…and I found them right under my nose (pardon the pun)…essential oils.  I’d been using essential oils for years in  my homemade cleaning and beauty products but never thought about using them for healing (more on that below).  What I love about essential oils is that my kids don’t have to take them internally, and actually they don’t have to really DO anything.  I can diffuse an immune boosting blend in their bedrooms and all they have to do is BREATHE.  Easy, effective, and no temper tantrums required.

How do I use essential oils?

I’ve always used essential oils in my homemade cleaning and beauty recipes.  My son and I make this body scrub almost every Christmas and we enjoy choosing a new oil each year as our fragrance of choice.  At first I used essential oils only for the smell.  I knew I needed to purchase therapeutic grade oils to make sure the oils weren’t artificial in any way, mostly I thought it would save me from breathing in artificial fragrance.  I had no idea the oils could offer health benefits as well.   It wasn’t until I started reading more about these potent oils that I realized I could use them for health and healing too. Extracts from plants have been used as early back as Egyptian times both for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.  Holistic healing with herbs and plants is definitely not a new practice, but it is a forgotten practice.   My goal is to help families remember the power of plants as a natural and non-toxic addition to the family medicine cabinet.

I use essential oils for my family like this:

Diffusing essential oils in our home (lavender before bedtime makes for a peaceful night’s sleep).

Rubbing essential oils on the feet (with a carrier oil) when my kids need an immune boost.

Making eczema-calming lotions if one of my children has skin issues.

Decreasing lines and wrinkles on my skin with homemade facial scrubs.

Putting them in our detox baths as a way to boost immune function and detoxify…..

….and so much more

What brand of essential oils do I use?

Over the years I’ve tried several brands of essential oils.  All of them “therapeutic grade” and what I’ve found is that Young Living essential oils are by far the purest oils out there.  They carefully monitor every step of the production of the oils from beginning to end through a unique “seed to seal” process, ensuring the purity of each essential oil. I trust their essential oils above all others because they are pure and unadulterated and are manufactured for therapeutic use not just for smell.

So how do I order my own essential oils?

You can purchase Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils in one of two ways: as a wholesale member (best option) or retail customer via the Young Living website.   Retail customer are able to buy YL essential oils directly from the website and can rest assured that the oils are pure and unadulterated but customers pay the full retail price.  To get a member discount on your oils you must sign up as a wholesale member.  Obviously, I recommend buying Young Living essential oils by joining as a wholesale member because who doesn’t love a discount?  Wholesale members get a 24% discount off every product that is offered.  As a wholesale member you only have to agree to order a minimum of $50 per year to maintain your membership (think of it as your membership fee at Costco or Sam’s).

If you have any questions, please email me:

Why buying retail isn’t smart.

You might also see these oils for sale on Amazon or eBay but there is no way of knowing if those oils are authentic and unadulterated. When you sign up with me, you will get personal support. All you will get when you buy retail is the oil itself (and no guarantee it is unadulterated). You also will not get any support on how to use the oils. When you sign up here, you can ask me any questions!  You also get access to my secret (SUPER secret 😉 ) Facebook group: Essential Oils for Families where I share info about how to use essential oils safely and effectively.

But what does becoming a wholesale member entail? Sounds complicated!

I know, it sounded complicated to me too when I first started looking into Young Living oils.  But actually the process is simple.  The most cost effective way to buy oils is by joining ‘the discount club‘ as a wholesale member to get 24% off every product that is offered. Think of it as similar to joining a buying club like Costco or Sam’s.

As a wholesale member of this ‘club’ you only have to agree to order a minimum of $50 per YEAR.  That’s it!  One bottle of Thieves Oil costs $44 Retail. That same bottle is only $33 through the wholesale club!  If you bought only that and one other item in a year you would hit your minimum order requirement.  And believe me, having a bottle of pure Thieves Oil on hand during cold and flu season is A MUST.

Ready to join the Kula Mama wellness team?  If you sign up as a wholesale member you get access to my super secret Facebook group: Essential Oils for Families, where I share lots of information about how to use these oils safely for children. Would you like to join me?  Sign me up.

Wait, I have more questions!  (read on for my FAQ)

Why should I become and wholesale member?

Becoming a wholesale member can get you wholesale pricing which is 24% off retail price, plain and simple. You also gain the option of sharing the oils with your friends and family in order to earn commissions and participate in promotions for free oils but of course you don’t have to sell them if you don’t want to.

Is there a monthly order minimum? 

NO.  You do NOT have to order monthly in order to benefit from being a wholesale member.  However, there is an optional autoship program that you have the option of participating in if you would like to earn more points on your orders and potentially more product.

I don’t really want to sell oils. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a wholesale member? 

Of course not.  Since there is no monthly order requirement you can simply just order whenever you and your family need it.  There is no requirement to have a business. But, becoming a wholesale member is still most beneficial for your family and your pocket-book business or not. Bottom line, it’s the DISCOUNT that matters 🙂

What do I need to do to get started?

To begin as a wholesale member you start with purchasing an enrollment kit.

Simply follow the below steps to join Young Living Oils.

How to sign up as a Young Living wholesale member

1. Click over to the sign-up page.

2. Select “Sign Up As: Young Living Wholesale Member

3. The “Enroller ID” and “Sponsor ID” boxes should already be filled in for you.

4. Fill out your name, billing address, shipping address, and contact info(The reason you are asked to list your social security number is for tax purposes. If you make over $600/year selling Young Living products, you will receive a 1099 form in the mail, as is required by law. Young Living will never share this info with anyone.)

5. Create your password and pin which you will use to log in to your account and order your oils.

6. Select your enrollment order. This is where you can specify which starter kit you would like (I recommend the Premium Starter Kit). You must sign up with one of these kits to become a wholesale member. To maintain your 24% discount going forward, you only need to spend $50 each subsequent year with Young Living on any product in their store. That’s it! You can also purchase other items at this time if you wish

7. Set up your *optional* Essential Rewards Program. Now don’t be confused by this next step. Buying one of the ER kits is not a requirement to sign up as a wholesale member! This is a rewards program you can opt into to start earning money back to help pay for your oils. At this point, you can skip this step by selecting “No, thank you. I plan on enrolling in the Essential Rewards Program later”. If one of the ER kits looks valuable to you, then by all means get one in addition to your starter kit.

8. Agree to Terms & Conditions.

9. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER. I have had many folks miss this step and end up not fully checking out. To confirm, the tool will log you in and it will show you your order again and it will make you enter in your payment information again. We wouldn’t want that to happen because then you would not get your oils!

That’s it! Congratulations! Welcome to the amazing world of essential oils! If you have any questions, please email me:

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