Natural Remedies for Children

Simple homemade treatments for common childhood ailments


What if you could stop worrying about how to help your children when they get sick? What if you had the knowledge and the confidence to use gentle natural remedies to speed your child’s healing without a trip to the doctor?



Natural Remedies for Children

Hi, I’m Heather.

I help families incorporate holistic health and nutrition practices into their everyday lives for better health.

That’s what I do today, but when I first became a mother, I thought I needed to call the doctor any time my children got sick.

In the past, when one of my kids came down with a virus, I immediately put a pot of soup on the stove and then anxiously waited for the symptoms to get worse. I wanted to support them through their illnesses, but felt helpless. I knew there were many natural ways to help my children heal, I just felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start.

Sound familiar?

Over time I’ve combined my education in holistic health and nutrition, with my experience mothering two young children. Through their early school years, to moving abroad to South America, my children have seen their fair share of germs. We’ve navigated it all with natural remedies.

I’ve learned how to use healing foods, herbs and supplements to help my children get healthy without prescription or over-the-counter medications.

Our family has saved time and money by avoiding germy doctor’s offices and by using cheap remedies we can find at home.

I feel confident in my abilities to help my children when they are ill and better yet, my kids feel confident in their abilities to heal.


Would you like to learn about natural remedies?


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Natural Remedies for Children

Natural Remedies for Children

What You’ll Learn


Chapter 1

What This Book Will Teach You


Chapter 2

My Family Health Care History


Chapter 3

The Rise in Childhood Illnesses


Chapter 4

How to Build Better Immune Function for Children in 4 Steps


Chapter 5

Natural Remedies Discussed in This Book


Chapter 6

Create a Holistic Medicine Kit


Chapter 7



Chapter 8

Childhood Constipation


Chapter 9

Common Cold


Chapter 10

Croup and Cough


Chapter 11



Chapter 12

Ear Infection


Chapter 13



Chapter 14



Chapter 15

Flu (Influenza)


Chapter 16

Stomach Flu (Norovirus)


Chapter 17

Sinus Infection


Chapter 18

Healing Recipes

Natural Remedies for Children

Natural Remedies for Children will give you the confidence you need to improve your child’s health, naturally.

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More about Heather…

Heather Haynes, MA is a family wellness educator and holistic nutritionist passionate about raising the level of children’s health with real food, green living and mindful practices. She runs the successful website, Kula Mama, a site dedicated to holistic health and nutrition for children. Heather also works individually with families to incorporate holistic nutrition and wellness practices into their own lives.

When she isn’t writing or consulting with clients, she is usually enjoying low tide at the beach with her husband and two children in Southern California.

Heather holds a Master’s Degree in Health Education, with a specialization in Holistic Nutrition.


What people are saying about Natural Remedies for Children...


Having 4 kids, we’ve certainly seen our share of illnesses ranging anywhere from digestive issues to eczema & of course, there’s always an odd virus that seems to crop up when I least expect it. I have found such a wealth of information in Natural Remedies for Children, that it’s the first thing I turn to when one of my kids has an issue. I love that I know there will be several options for me to try at home & often times, we’ve avoided the doctor’s office all together, which is always a relief. 
Having an ebook like this makes me feel much more confident in treating my kids naturally at home & I feel especially better knowing that, as a mother and wellness educator, Heather is a trusted, knowledgable advisor. –Trisha Hughes,


Like most parents, I want to heal my kids as quickly as possible when they are sick. This book empowered me to do just that. And the best part is that most of the natural remedies found in Heather’s ebook can be done with things I already have in my house. Heather shows you exactly what’s in her holistic medicine kit so it can easily be duplicated in your home.
For less than the cost of one copay at the doctor’s office, this book equips you with home remedies for just about any common ailment your kids will encounter. Ashlee Mayer, &


Natural Remedies for Children

Learn how easy and affordable it is to use natural remedies.

Only $14.44

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