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When it comes to raising vibrant healthy children, nutritional status plays a big role. Over the years I’ve been asked many times about the nutritional supplements my children take, if any. I admit I’d like to tell you that we can get everything we need from food sources, but in this day and age, I  believe supplementation is beneficial for (most) everyone.

These days our food is grown in soil that is mineral deficient, and as a result, we get less nourishment from the fruits and vegetables we eat. When possible it’s a great practice to grow your own backyard produce in nutrient-rich soil to get the most vitamins and minerals from your food. If growing your own food isn’t an option, seek out local organic farmers who tend to the soil as much as possible.

We eat a variety of organic fruits and vegetables in our family, in an attempt to get as much nutrition as we can from food. But I’m also the first to admit that my kids aren’t the most adventurous eaters and sometimes carrot sticks are the only veggie they will approve in any given week. To make sure my kids are getting a good base of vitamins and minerals, I give them a few key nutritional supplements on a continual basis. These supplements help to fill any gaps my kids might miss from food sources. I also give them nutritional supplements to support immune function as well.

Smart supplementation can be beneficial for most children. If you ever have questions, consult a functional medical practitioner before adding something to your child’s diet. These are the nutritional supplements my kids take on a regular basis.

5 Must Have Nutritional Supplements for Kids

#1 Liquid Multi Vitamin

I’ve looked long and hard for a liquid multi vitamin I feel comfortable giving my kids. So many children’s vitamins contain synthetic ingredients, sugar, artificial colors, GMOs, etc. It’s crazy! I love liquid supplements for kids because they are easier to absorb, but sometimes taste can be an issue for little ones. My kids like the flavor of this one. My kids take this in the morning with breakfast. We follow the dosage instructions on the label.

#2 Liquid Multi Mineral

Very often children are mineral deficient, so I think a high quality mineral supplement is essential. In our home we also use a reverse osmosis filter for our water and along with taking out all the bad stuff, the filter also takes out all the minerals from our water, too. My kids take a liquid multi mineral before bed. This is the one we love. We follow the dosage instructions on the label.

#3 Probiotics

To keep children healthy and thriving, it’s important to keep their digestive tracts populated with good bacteria. I give my kids a probiotic just before bed so it does all the work while they sleep.  My kids take ¼ teaspoon right off the spoon. We use this one, but there are many high quality probiotics out there–just make sure you do your research. Find out more here.

#4 DHA

This essential fatty acid has been shown beneficial for brain health. It is called an “essential” fatty acid because we NEED it and we also can’t make it in our bodies, we must get it from food. In early years I gave my kids cod liver oil or fish oil supplements on a regular basis, but I’ve since moved onto algae sources to avoid any heavy metal contamination in fish. We are currently trying this one.

#5 Elderberry syrup

Elderberry is an immune booster that we take daily during the winter months and weekly during the summer months. I give my kids about a tablespoon. I make my own syrup using these berries and this recipe. It is quite possibly the easiest recipe to make, but if you’re not up for it…we’ve been know to buy this product in a pinch.

And that’s it for my kids! I give them different nutritional supplements when they get sick, all of which you can find in my ebook: Natural Remedies for Children. Are there any must-have nutritional supplements you give your kids? Tell me in the comments below!

5 Must Have Nutritional Supplements for Kids from KulaMama.com

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