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Gelatin is something we introduced into our diets a few years ago and have seen tremendous health improvements as a result. Personally I experience stronger nails and hair, better blood sugar control, less wrinkles (!!!) and improved gut health. My kids experience blood sugar control, increased protein intake and improved gut health. This is the one supplement I suggest all families try for better health.

What is Gelatin?
The gelatin I’m talking about is not the kind you find in a Jello packet. In fact, stay far away from that type of gelatin. I’m talking about gelatin from grass-fed animals. This is the gelatin you find in properly made bone broth or supplement form from a grass-fed source. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties gelatin is a true superfood. Our ancestors naturally consumed more gelatin in their diets because they regularly consumed the whole animal, including the skin the tendons. These days we skip most of those animal parts and as a result our diets do not contain as much gelatin as our bodies need. Below are 4 main reasons our kids need more grass-fed gelatin in their diets!

4 Reasons Gelatin is a Kid-friendly SUPERFOOD.

1: Gelatin Heals the Gut
Gelatin increases gastric acid secretion in the gut and also helps to restore a healthy mucosal lining in the stomach. Gelatin also helps the intestines stay lubricated and regular by absorbing water. This helps the intestinal cells stay healthy and may help your child heal and/or prevent a leaky gut.

2: Gelatin Promotes Healthy Joints and Bones
Gelatin contains many amino acids, the building blocks of protein.  These amino acids help to keep our cartilage, skin and bones healthy. In fact, studies have shown that gelatin can reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis.

3: Gelatin Provides a Balanced Protein Source
Most of us (kids included) eat a lot of muscle meats (like chicken breast) and eggs. These foods are high in methionine, an amino acid that raises homocysteine levels. High levels of homocysteine are associated with heart disease, stroke and more. For our bodies to balance our homocysteine levels we must use up nutrients like b12 and folate. But we can also balance out our methionine intake from meats by consuming glycine, an amino acid you will get from gelatin.

4: Gelatin Helps Kids Sleep
Hold the phone, WHAT? Gelatin can help our kids sleep? Turns out the glycine that balances protein intake also improves sleep quality. Glycine also decreases anxiety and calms the mind, helping little ones to drift off into a blissful, restorative sleep.

What’s the Difference Between Gelatin and Collagen Hydrolysate?
There are two main forms of gelatin that I use (both grass-fed). Gelatin(red can) and collagen hydrolysate (green can). The main difference is in the processing and you can learn more about that here. Collagen hydrolysate dissolves in liquid and is easier on the tummy so this is what I use the most for my children. Gelatin gels liquid so we use it for homemade gummies. I also increase my children’s gelatin intake naturally by giving them lots of homemade soup with bone broth.

How Much Gelatin Should I Give My Child?
Like any new supplement please start small and slowly. For my children I started out with ½ teaspoon of collagen hydrolysate once a day and have increased that to 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a week. I often give it to them in divided doses (½ tablespoon at breakfast and ½ tablespoon later in the afternoon). I have great luck using gelatin
(red can) in gummies and also serving the naturally occuring gelatin found in bone broth when we make soup. I have better luck with collagen hydrolysate(and it’s easier on the tummy) in oatmeal, smoothies, green juices, milk, anything I can sneak it into!

I use this brand of gelatin and collagen hydrolysate.  It’s a grass-fed source that I trust.

Why Do Kids Like It?
Collagen hydrolysate has little to no taste.
Collagen hydrolysate dissolves in anything.
Gelatin has a mild flavor and can make fun gummies.

Want to learn more?

Check out this great book all about the health benefits of gelatin!  Click here to view more details!

gelatin secret

Do you give your kids gelatin? Tell me in the comments below!

4 reasons gelatin is a kid friendly super food from www.kulamama.com

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