gluten free mac and cheese from

Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Summers are not for cooking.  Am I right? The days are long, hot and my kids are only interested in swimming or playing with their cousins.  It's hard enough to wrangle them to the table to the idea of spending hours in the kitchen cooking up new and exotic dishes is simply out of the question.  This summer I'm focused on making kid favorite meals in … Read More...

Healthy Rice Krispies Treats by

Healthy Rice Krispies Treats

Healthy Rice Krispies™ Treats My kids love dessert.  Yes, I said that out loud. I will admit my kids are not organic, grass-fed meat and veggie-loving kids. … Read More...

homemade plantain chips by

Homemade Plantain Chips

My husband told me yesterday that I have a plantain problem. Um, I guess I've been a little obsessed with them lately. Personally I can't think of a reason NOT … Read More...

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