5 Benefits of Honey

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If there’s one superfood I’m never without in my holistic medicine kit--it’s raw honey. Honey, in its pure, RAW form is truly a medicinal superfood. Your grandma probably gave you a spoonful when you had a sore throat or cough as a child because intuitively she knew of the benefits of honey for better health. Ironically, now there’s a lot of science to back up what your grandma knew so long ago! I love it when science meets intuitive wisdom and raw honey is definitely a plant medicine backed by both. I only suggest using pure, local, RAW honey that hasn’t been heated above 110 degrees fahrenheit. Unheated honey retains all the beneficial nutrients and enzymes that occur naturally in this miracle food.

We use honey for general immune-boosting throughout the year, for sore throats, for coughs and even for sleep. I infuse our honey with immune-boosting herbs for a powerful medicine, too. Look for a recipe coming soon. My kids never complain about taking a spoonful of honey, however, my husband usually makes a crack about rotting teeth. But to date neither of them have ever had a cavity so he doesn’t really have a leg to stand on–sorry honey!

There are SO many benefits of honey, it would take forever to write about them all so today I’m going to share my top 5 favorite benefits of honey. You’ll never look at RAW honey the same way again!

5 Benefits of Honey

  1. Honey boosts immune function. Raw honey is a powerhouse against viruses and bacteria in the body. This is why, in our family, we take raw honey daily for protection. Raw honey is very adaptable and helps our bodies fight off the ever-changing illnesses of our modern world. I love taking a spoonful of honey before going to a restaurant to protect against food poisoning. We also take an extra spoonful an hour before bed when we feel like we are fighting off a cold or flu. It’s important to take honey in its raw, unheated form to truly benefit from this medicine.
  2. Honey is a superfood for the brain. Think omega-3 fatty acids are all you need for the brain? Think again! Raw honey’s highly absorbable coenzymes, minerals and sugars make it a very powerful brain food. Raw honey is nourishing on a medicinal level for the brain and we all benefit when this food is in our lives daily.
  3. Honey works better than cough syrup. I’ve written about this before, but in studies raw buckwheat honey has been shown more effective against coughs than over-the-counter cough medicine. Plus, with raw honey you can skip all the potential dyes, additives, heavy metals and chemicals that can be found in some conventional cough syrups.
  4. Honey helps heal wounds. When used externally, honey can help with wound healing. We use a raw honey skin salve for all our bumps and cuts around here (we make this or we buy this). In fact, even some hospitals use honey-based dressings for wound healing because of honey’s antibacterial and healing properties.  
  5. Honey connects us to our souls. This sounds hippie dippie, I know. But raw honey has been with us throughout history. It’s a high vibration superfood that has lifted our ancestors out of the dark times of starvation. It’s a nectar from nature and it connects us to what really matters in life. The next time you take a spoonful of honey, pause a moment to consider the miracle that went into creating that honey. Thank the bees. Consider the history of honey as a medicine used throughout time and give thanks. I know I do.

And there they are! My 5 favorite benefits of honey. Do you use raw honey?  We buy our honey usually locally, but if I purchase from Amazon I love this brand and this brand.

benefits of raw honey

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