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When I began my healing journey 5 years ago, I quickly realized I wouldn’t heal without addressing my health on a spiritual and energetic level, too. I knew I could be on the “perfect protocol” for my healing, but if my thoughts were worried, I wouldn’t get better. So I began exploring how to raise my vibration. It’s kind of a trendy, hippie topic–the idea of “raising your vibration”–so some might dismiss this connection to physical health. However, for me, raising my vibration has been transformative.

I’m no expert on this subject. Let’s get crystal clear about that!!! I’m only sharing what worked in my own life with the hope that something resonates with one of you. What I’ve found personally, is that focusing on higher vibe living has led me to a more connected and joy-filled life. It’s a DAILY practice. I’m not perfect. But I keep moving forward and doing my best. 

We are all made up of energy. Every single thought and feeling in our bodies carry a vibrational frequency. Many of us who identify as “seekers” or “lightworkers” are constantly reaching for higher vibrational living. High vibes feel good and joyful. Low vibes feel worried, anxious or plain terrible.

I lived a lot of my life fighting worry and anxiety. Theoretically I may have wanted a higher vibe life, but I had no idea how to do it. So today I’m going out of my comfort zone of holistic nutrition and natural remedies to talk about some of the practices I use to help keep my vibration high and joyful. This isn’t an exhaustive list as there are so many ways to raise your vibration. And remember I’m no expert in this field. But this list contains some gems that have helped me along the way. Here we go…

How to Raise Your Vibration

1. Mind your thoughts.

Each word and thought carries a vibration. When you are thinking positive thoughts, your vibration naturally raises. So if you want to raise your vibration on the regular and find more joy in life, then mind the words coming out of your mouth and the thoughts running around in your head.

Sounds simple in theory but this is the hardest one for me. Yet it makes the BIGGEST difference in my life. Historically I’ve been a worrier personality type. But worrying is like praying really hard for what you don’t want to happen! So instead of putting all those worried frequencies into the universe–catch yourself thinking worried thoughts, notice them without judgment (be gentle with yourself), and then change your thoughts to something more positive.

I know, I know…easier said than done. I’ve struggled with this concept in practice and here’s what has worked for me.

How to change worried thoughts. 

A few years ago I was exploring the power of my thoughts and words while going through a particularly rough time in my personal life. I was constantly worrying about a situation that wasn’t changing despite all my efforts. My thoughts were starting to take a toll on my mental health and I didn’t know how I was going to change them because my worry was so heavy.

Then I heard a talk from Abraham-Hicks about the concept of “high flying discs” and how to change worried thoughts (low flying discs) to more positive ones (high flying discs). The practice is pretty simple.

When you find yourself thinking worried or low vibe thoughts, you can change your thoughts and step onto a higher flying disc by first stopping, and then take a look around your immediate area. Find something to focus on in the room or outside that you like. Something as simple as a flower in the room, a pretty shirt someone is wearing or, for me, I focus on birds outside in the trees. Focus on whatever simple thing you can find and think about how much you like or appreciate what you are seeing. Then try to FEEL the gratitude for whatever you are looking at in your heart space for a few seconds. This very simple exercise will step you up onto a higher flying disc (higher vibrational frequency). 

During this time a few years ago, when I found myself worrying and felt like I couldn’t stop my thoughts from racing, I used this high flying disc practice. I’d step outside and look at the big oak tree in our yard. I focused on the tree and thought about how much I liked it. I closed my eyes and listened to the birds and thought about how grateful I was for bird song. I’d try to feel that gratitude in my body (for me gratitude is usually felt in my heart space). Then I would take that thought and jump one disc higher. I’d focus on my connection to Source/God/Universe and my Higher Self. I’d think about how I’m always protected even when I think I’m not.

Within 3 minutes my mood would change and I could re-enter my house with a higher vibration. I know it sounds so simple…but for me it was and is profound. I still use this “high flying disc” exercise often.

2. Look at your social circle.

Ever heard the saying that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with in life? Well, I’d agree with that as it relates to your social circle’s impact on your vibrational frequency. If you spend the majority of your time with critical, judgmental, worried or negative people, you’re surrounded by lower vibe frequencies. Being around these types of people can drain your mental and physical well being.

This doesn’t mean you have to break up with anyone critical or worried in your life. Maybe it’s your mom or another family member! Frankly, I’m still working on my own worried thoughts! But it may mean that you feel better limiting time with those around you who criticize, judge or generally leave you feeling depleted. Even just thinking about how you FEEL after spending time with someone is a good indicator of the vibrational tone of the relationship.

Impact of social media.

I’ve also moved away from using social media or getting too caught up in negative events happening in the world. Cutting back on my personal use of social media (I continue to use it for work) was an INSTANT game changer for my vibration. I still check the headlines so I know what’s happening in the world, but I try to keep a healthy distance for my own well being. I get involved when I can make a positive change, and I don’t take on the weight of the world when I can’t. This helps keep my vibration higher in a big way.

I also don’t text as much as I used to because it takes me out of the present moment too often and divides my attention when I’m spending time with my loved ones. Finding balance in this area takes daily attention but it makes me feel so much better so I follow that high vibe feeling and keep an eye on my tech habits.

3. Move your body.

The best way to get stagnant energy flowing is to move your body! Look at Tony Robbins jumping on his mini trampoline before walking out on stage if you need any more motivation on the matter. That guy is high vibe living at its best.

Exercise is something I force myself to do. And for a few years I wasn’t doing it AT ALL while recovering from chronic Epstein-barr. I told myself that infrared sauna and detox baths were moving my blood and lymph enough. During the really dark days of healing these detox methods were all I could do.

But after I started healing I was still telling myself that saunas and baths were a “good enough” replacement for exercise–but it wasn’t true. We need daily movement of some form to get our vibes rising. I don’t judge what type of movement I do each day–I just try to move. Maybe it’s 10 minutes of crazy dancing to a song I like, or 10 minutes of stretching when I just don’t feel like anything else. Other days I may hike for an hour and most days I’m simply in my garage on our elliptical machine for 20-30 minutes. Whatever it is, don’t judge it, just move in some way to get that energy flowing and that vibe rising!

4. Cleanse your space.

Often we don’t consider how much our home environment impacts our personal vibration. Have you ever walked into a house and felt tired, mixed up or even just plain terrible? What about homes that make you feel good, happy and clear? Our homes hold their own vibrational frequency. I work hard to keep our home clean and clear energetically with a few daily and weekly practices.

One simple thing to address is the amount of stuff and clutter in your space. My kids are tired of hearing me say “a cluttered space is a cluttered mind” but it’s true. And my kids are two walking clutter makers, so they will hear this quote for years to come. It’s pretty hard to feel happy and joyful when you’re surrounded by clutter, am I right? Energy can’t move when there are obstacles in the way. A cluttered house can feel like a low vibe space. For me, clearing out the clutter has made a huge difference in how I feel.

Another way that I cleanse and clear our home is with a clearing visualization. I used to use sage as a cleansing mechanism (I still love to smell and use it), but I feel my space feels even better when I use my own intention. I stand in the center of the living room and close my eyes. I visualize my feet rooted into the earth. Then in my mind’s eye I visualize a golden ball of light in the center of the room. I imagine this ball of light getting bigger and bigger and bigger until it fills the entire space and pushes out any and all low vibrations from our home. I do this a few times a week.

Another way to get the energy moving in your home is to open the windows and let some fresh air in. I also like to burn some sage and walk around my house with all the windows open to help it feel fresh and clean energetically. I often use essential oils in a diffuser as well! My kids and husband go running when the sage comes out though–they don’t feel the same way about the smell! So maybe saging is a good way to get some alone time too?

5. Connect to your Higher Self.

I spent many years and lots of money on psychics, astrologers and intuitives, asking to be connected to my guides and Higher Self in the search for more clarity and purpose in my life. I no longer do this. Instead I’m working diligently on strengthening my connection to my own Higher Self and to Source/God/Universe directly. I’m learning what YES and NO feel like in my body so I know the right answers for myself. This practice has changed EVERYTHING for me.

So how did I start connecting to my Higher Self? For me I used several different methods…meditation, salt baths, hikes alone in nature without my ear buds, walks on the beach. I started getting quiet with myself, clearing my mind as best as I could and listening to my own inner voice.

I also started asking my Higher Self to help me feel what YES and NO feel like in my body. This is a wonderful way to feel something tangible. Here’s what I do. First, I stand or sit comfortably. I visualize my feet rooted into the earth. Then I visualize a column of light extending from the top of my head straight up to my Higher Self or God/Source/Universe (use whatever language works for you). I take a few deep breaths and set the intention that I want to connect with my Higher Self. Then I ask “what does YES feel like in my body?” and I wait. I do the same thing with NO.

Everyone will get different answers but for me a YES feels like an expansion in my heart space. A NO feels like a knot in my stomach. As I practice this exercise the feelings for YES and NO get stronger and stronger. Now when I have a decision to make I can get quiet and FEEL the answer in my body. For me, this practice helped pave the way for more confidence and clarity in my life.

6. Practice spiritual hygiene.

Spiritual hygiene? What the what? Spiritual hygiene is a practice I’m fairly new to and I should have been doing it my whole life. Just think about all the low vibes we are exposed to on a daily basis. The grumpy bank teller? The complaining woman in line at the airport? We are walking around in vibrations of all types and some don’t feel so great. It’s important to keep your own energy field cleansed and protected as much as you can as this will help your vibe stay high.

My spiritual hygiene practice is evolving but as of today it starts when I wake up in the morning. Before I get out of bed I put my feet on the ground, close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. I imagine my feet rooted in the ground. Some people visualize tree roots growing out of their feet into the earth. I visualize energy pushing through the bottoms of my feet and grounding at the omega chakra about 8 inches below my feet. I imagine the energy from the soles of my feet coming together into a bright ball of light and grounding me into the earth.

When I take my shower each day, I use this opportunity to clear any low vibe energy I’ve picked up. I close my eyes and pretend the water from the shower is golden light that is washing away any low vibes or blockages that might be in my energy field. I visualize this energy falling off me in black pieces and then visualize a drain opening up on the floor and all of the black pieces draining back into the earth. I end by visualizing my body and energy field golden and clear.

Other ways to ground and clear yourself include taking a salt bath, walking barefoot on the beach, swimming in the salty ocean or taking a walk in nature (and so much more!).

How do you take care of your spiritual health?

And that’s my list! This is just the tip of the iceberg, seriously. There are SO many ways to raise your vibration and find more joy in life. These are things that work for me right now and I’m sure they will evolve as I learn and grow in the future. Do you have any thoughts about raising your vibration? I’d love to hear it! Come connect with me on Instagram and share!

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