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It’s the beginning of December and gift lists are out in full force!  I’m here to make your life a little easier by offering some no fail gifts for the woman in your life who values both beauty AND non-toxic living.  I hope my husband reads this because several of these sets are on my list.  For years my family has been told to stay away from buying me personal care products of ANY sort.  No lotions, no makeup, NO perfume, nada.

I am very picky about the products I use and I always check them on the Skin Deep website for a toxicity rating before purchasing. Quite frankly my family has been too scared to purchase me anything for fear it won’t pass the Skin Deep test!  Finally there is a high-end product line that values non-toxic ingredients and transparency with consumers.  Now when my family wants to treat me to something special in the beauty department, I know where to send them.  If you don’t know about Beautycounter products yet, let me introduce you to my non-toxic beauty gift list. (note to my family, purchase liberally!)

Essentials Face Facebook Social Selling Graphic

The Essentials Face Collection

For the woman who cares about her skin care and wants to avoid toxic chemicals the essentials line is perfect.  I personally use this line of products and I can tell you that each of these will last you about 6 months–a little goes a long way.  My favorites are the Gentle Exfoliator Polishing Cream and the Every Day AM Hydrating Cream.

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The Body Collection

As studies continue to confirm that cancer-causing chemicals are found in most store bought shampoo brands, I want to make sure I’m using something safe.  Historically I’ve used a natural brand from our local health food store that left my hair pretty greasy (unfortunately).  Last month I switched to the Clean Everyday Shampoo and haven’t looked back.  My hair is no longer greasy and I know I can trust that the shampoo is free of any questionable ingredients as well.  I’ve also stopped using my homemade lotion and prefer to use the Hydrate Everyday Body Lotion instead. It’s light and doesn’t stain all my clothes with coconut oil (I love you coconut oil, but my clothes do not).

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 The Countertime Collection

For the woman in your life who wants a high-end line with clinically proven results— look no further than the Countertime line from Beautycounter.  These products have been put through clinical trials for proven effectiveness.  I personally use the vibrant eye perfector and I definitely notice if I miss a day.  It’s the first thing I look for in the morning (second thing is my coffee, don’t judge).

shimmer gift set beautycounter

 Holiday Gift Sets

For those of you who like a little help putting together gift sets, here are a few ideas.  My personal favorite is the sheer and shimmer collection featuring Beautycounter’s lustro shimmer oil.  I need to get this in hopes I’m invited to some holiday parties this year. If not, I’ll just wear it around my house and pretend I’m partying.

Happy (non-toxic) Holiday Shopping!

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