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It’s that time of year again…

…and this year I’m going to be prepared!  I say that every year and it’s always a scramble because let’s face it….that’s how I roll. I wish I was one of those people who tucks away treasures throughout the year to give during the season of giving but I’m not. I’m more the– “OMG, IT’S THANKSGIVING? I DIDN’T EVEN ORDER A TURKEY!” type of gal.

So here we are, making lists and checking them twice. For the holistic family in your life–check out my Holistic Gift Guide!

Kula Mama Gifts for Gals

Modern Holistic Essentials

For the friend, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin or mother who loves all things holistic and mystical, here are some ideas.

1. The Universe Has Your Back Card Deck

I love these cards from Gabby Bernstein. The artwork is incredible and the messages are uplifting. When I get together with my soul sisters we love to light some candles and pull some cards. I also love angel card decks from Doreen Virtue, too. Add in a beeswax candle and you’ve got yourself a full experience gift!

2. Super Love Tees

I have a LOVE sweatshirt from Super Love Tees and it’s so cozy. I absolutely love the sayings on each t-shirt and there’s a little something for everyone. Find your holistic mantra gear, here.

3. Soul Power Nutrient Boost for Women

This yummy nutrient boost was created by my dear friend (and the original modern hippy!), Peyton from Enlightening Souls. It’s a mix of collagen peptides, coconut milk powder and blackstrap molasses. Basically it’s the yummiest coffee creamer ever created. Pair this gift with a non-toxic coffee mug (see below) and you’ll have one nourishing holiday!

4. Perfect Pout Trio (and other fun gift sets)

These are by far my FAVORITE non-toxic lip glosses in the world. I love the advocacy work Beautycounter does in Washington DC to better regulate the ingredients that go in our personal care products. And their products work so well too. This Perfect Pout Trio looks like a perfect stocking stuffer to me 🙂 I also love this mini mask set. Check out all their other holiday favorites here and order quickly if you find something you like because without fail these products sell out every year. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

5. Jewelry for the Modern Hippy

So, I love jewelry–even though I have very few pieces of it in my life (hint, hint). I love jewelry made with healing crystals or gemstones. It always adds an extra layer of meaning when I wear it. I think Satya has some beautiful, meaningful and inspired jewelry pieces. Check them out here.

6. Facial Sponge for Smooth Skin

I want to try this gentle (and non-toxic) sponge set for smoother skin. This would make a great addition to a “spa” gift set for one of your girlfriends, too. Check it out here.

For the Holistic Health Lover (Eco-friendly Gifts for ALL!)

1. Non-toxic Mugs

Finding cute mugs that are lead and cadmium-fee is no easy task. I love the safety of glass mugs (glass is the most non-toxic material you can use for mugs) but I don’t love the look. So I searched high and low and found these awesome black and white mugs from HF Coors. They are lead-free and oh so cute with their Native American designs.

2. Non-Toxic Ceramic Pots and Pans

Are you feeling the need to make sure someone on your list upgrades their toxic Teflon pans to something greener? Try this ceramic pot and pan kit. It’s super affordable and will help remove toxic chemicals from getting into your food! There are 3 colors to choose from too!

3. Glass Tea Kettle

If you’re looking for a way to heat up your tea or coffee water is the least-toxic way possible–then look no further than this glass electric tea kettle. I’m trying to limit our families contact with stainless steel now too, so we will be upgrading our stainless steel kettle to this one very soon.

4. Thyroid Healing Book

If you’ve been following me the last few years you know that I’m a big fan of Anthony William. His protocols helped me heal from chronic Epstein-barr virus 2 years ago and I will forever be grateful for all he shares with us. Even if you don’t have a thyroid condition–this book is a MUST READ. There is so much good information about how to stay healthy in our current world. And if you haven’t read his first 2 books, make it a set for the person you love and add Medical Medium and Life-changing Foods to the mix too!

5. Bamboo Utensil Set

Is someone on your list still using plastic utensils in the kitchen!?!? Help them green up their dinner hour with this bamboo kitchen utensil kit. We have this set and it’s lovely.

Kula Mama Gifts for Guys and Kids

For the Holistic Guy In Your Life

1. Counter MAN Collection from Beautycounter

Finally Beautycounter has released a men’s line that’s non-toxic and high performing. Check it out here.

2. Clothes, clothes, clothes

My husband never buys anything for himself throughout the year so when the holidays come around he’s always thankful for clothing. I love shopping at Patagonia for eco-minded gear. We live near company headquarters so I’m always looking for deals.

3. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

I’m getting these glasses for my husband this year because he always makes fun of my awesome orange glasses. But these babies block blue light from electronic devices that help you sleep and protect your eyes. They are a must have in our house. Find them here.

4. Chaga, Chaga Mushrooms

I’m really hooked on chaga mushrooms in place of coffee in the morning. These single packs make it easy to take on the go. All a little antioxidant and medicinal power to you man’s morning routine. Check it out here. PS: my daughter will even drink chaga tea too!

For the Holistic KIDS in your Life!

So my kids don’t usually play with many toys and this year I’m done buying more stuff that sits on the shelf. From now on any THING that comes into our house has to foster imagination, creativity and play.

1. Dress UP!

My kids love to dress up and we’ve neglected our costume/dress up bin for quite awhile. I try to hand down my old dressed and shoes that I’m not using anymore (she LOVES to dress up like mama. To spice up the dress up gear this year I’ll be buying a few dresses and costumes to spruce up the imaginary play, plus some silk scarfs for inspiration, too.

2. Music

My son has been talking about learning to play the guitar for a few years. Starting out on a Ukulele might be a better idea so I’m considering a beginner’s set that I found here.

3. Legos

I love legos because they open up a world of creation for your child. Check them out here.

4. Wildcraft Herb Game

Since I’m all about using herbal medicine in our home and I’m currently making tinctures and teas almost daily, my kids are pretty curious about joining in on the fun, too. I have been looking at this Wildcraft game for a few years and I think this is the year I go for it. Check it out here. This edible mushroom growing kit is also really cool for my little gardeners!

And that’s a wrap…

WHEW–These holistic gift guides always require a nap after I hit the publish button! But I love reading them myself and I hope you’ve found something special for the holistic person on your list. Happy Holidays everyone!  XOXO

Kula Mama Gift Guide 2

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