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The first ever study was just published testing herbicide levels in human breast milk. Funded by Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse, the study found high levels of glyphosate in 3 out of 10 samples tested. These high levels are 1600 times higher than allowed in Europe. However, these same high levels are slightly under the allowed limit in the USA, set by the Environmental Protection Agency. Yes you read that correctly, the levels reported in this study are 1600 times above the legal limit set in Europe but UNDER the legal limit set in the USA.

What’s even more worrying about these new findings is that most of the study participants were moms who avoided GMOs and ate organic produce.  This indicates that significant chemical exposure is happening via food, water and air even when precautions are taken.

Study findings indicate that contrary to what Monsanto, the maker of the glyphosate-based herbicide Roundup, has reported about glyphosate and bio-accumulation in the body (Monsanto has reported that Roundup does NOT bio-accumulate in the body) that, in fact, this toxic chemical DOES bio-accumulate in the body and is now being passed down to developing infants via breast milk.

What Threat Does This Pose to Our Babies?

Glyphosate interferes with gene expression in the body and has been associated with a myriad of problems including diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, GI disorders (food allergies, sensitivities, etc.), reproductive problems (it is an endocrine disruptor), cancer, birth defects, DNA damage, neurological disorders (including autism) and obesity. This chemical also interferes with the body’s ability to detoxify itself. For a small baby, this chemical can set the stage for a lifetime of unnecessary and avoidable health complications.

How to Clean Up Your Breast Milk

Early studies have found that when people move to an organic diet (free of pesticides and herbicides) chemical levels in urine samples drop dramatically within 24 hours. However, breast milk doesn’t work exactly like urine (the current study done by Moms Across America only tested breast milk).  The length of time it takes for the body to metabolize chemicals out of breast milk will vary for each individual depending on metabolic function. Because this study indicates that herbicide exposure happens even when precautions are taken (such as avoiding GMOs and conventional produce) a more holistic approach is the best way to reduce your baby’s exposure to this chemical. While you are pregnant or breastfeeding, try these 5 important steps to reduce your baby’s exposure to the herbicide glyphosate:

1: Eat only organic produce, meat and dairy products free of pesticides, herbicides and GMOs.

2: Avoid any and all consumption of GMOs (this includes ALL soy products) as they contain extremely high levels of glyphosate-based Roundup.

3: Start a gentle, pregnancy-friendly, breastfeeding-friendly and sustainable exercise program to encourage natural and safe detoxification of the body.

4: Filter your water to eliminate pesticides and herbicides. High quality carbon filters or reverse osmosis units are best.

5: Create an eco-friendly home space to eliminate as many chemicals as possible.

What Can You DO to TAKE ACTION?

Testing commissioners are urging the USDA and the EPA to place temporary bans on all glyphosate-based herbicides including the number one selling Roundup until further testing can be done on these chemicals. You can get involved by joining the efforts of Moms Across America to demand more testing of and protection from these chemicals in our food, air and water. The next generation deserves a chance to grow up healthy and thriving. We moms are the voices for our children and they need us to speak up now more than ever. Today is the day. Please take action for children everywhere.

Herbicides, Autism and Breastfeeding How to Clean Up Your Toxic Milk by www.kulamama.com

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