Good Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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Ah, the Christmas morning STOCKING! A tradition I usually forget about until that last minute when I find myself wide-eyed and desperate at Target on December 23rd. But not this year, friends. This year I’m all over it and I’m on a mission to find good stocking stuffers. When I say “good” socking stuffer, I mean something that won’t break after 15 minutes and ship off to a landfill. Now, to be fully transparent, not everything on this list is eco-friendly. For those types of gifts, please check out my post: Non-toy Gifts for Kids. I love non-toy gifts! But if you’re looking for good stocking stuffers for kids, then keep reading because I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite finds this year!

  1. Sunglasses

sunglasses for kids kula mama

These sunglasses are going in my son’s stocking this year. They get great reviews and I love that the lenses are high quality to protect his eyes from the sun. They also rate high for comfort, something that’s really important to my 8 year old.

2. Melissa and Doug Activity Sets


My kids love these little Melissa and Doug activity sets and I love the price. My daughter is obsessed with crafting and making her own headbands so she will be getting this cute set in her stocking this year. They also sell wristband and ring sets, too.

3. Clip on Book Light


Do you have a bookworm like I do? Then this clip on book light might be the perfect stocking stuffer for you, too! My kids share a room, so if my older son wants to read a bit before bed, this light will allow him to do that without bugging his sister (in theory, right?). I love that this light is rechargeable, too.



My kids use a ridiculous amount of tape. They are ALWAYS crafting or creating something that usually requires an entire roll. I bought this pack of 10 and will throw 5 rolls in each stocking. I’ll likely give them each some regular clear tape too because we seriously can never have too much.

5. Fossils


If you have a fossil lover in your family, this dinosaur tooth might be for you. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and is packed in a small box. Now this would be the last thing I’d ever want in MY stocking, but I’m pretty sure my son is going to go bananas for it. We also buy small rocks and gems from the local gem store for both kids and they love them.

6. Nail Polish


You can’t go wrong with nail polish. Both of my kids love painting toes and fingers. I opt for a non-toxic brand like Ella and Mila or Piggy Paint. Nail polish makes a great stocking stuffer for any age, actually.

7. Temporary Tattoos


Temporary tattoos are something my kids have gotten into and I try to ignore the fact that tattoos might not be totally non-toxic. Sometimes you have to have a little fun, too–right? I’m so careful about everything else in our life so I let them do some tattoos every once in awhile and don’t worry about it.

8. Pokeman Cards


Pokeman cards. I can’t believe I’m even typing this because I don’t understand Pokeman AT ALL and neither does my son but some kids at school have the cards and he wants in on the trading action, too. We don’t have the game at home so we are both a bit lost about the whole thing but he’s been begging for some cards, so into the stocking they go. And PS, if you understand this Pokeman obsession, can you come over and explain it to me?

9. Colored Pens


Colored pencils, colored gel pens, erasers. All are fair game and loved by kids. My kids could receive 50 million colored pens and love every one of them. Easy.

10. Jewelry


This cupcake necklace comes in a little cupcake box. I think my daughter’s heart just exploded and she doesn’t even know it’s coming yet.

11. Stickers


Stickers. You can’t have too many stickers, can you? Along with tape, my kids also love stickers and are always happy to get them in their stockings on Christmas morning.

12. Stuffed Animals

stuffed animal

My kids LOVE these little Ty stuffed animals. They come with a name and a birthday, something my kids love about them. And they are small enough not to fill up your entire toy basket in the toy room, something I love about them.

13. Candy Canes


My kids always get candy canes in their stockings but I really try to avoid artificial colors at all costs, so I go with this brand. No artificial colors and gluten-free too! You can find them at Thrive Market for a great price!

14. Cozy Socks


Is it cold where you are for the holidays? Then warm up those little toes with wool socks. I love the SmartWool brand and my feet love them too. Socks are one of my favorite stocking stuffers.

15. Geodes


And finally, geodes are so fun and you can put loose geodes into the toe of your stocking pretty easily. My kids have really been enjoying the process of breaking open geodes to see all the crystals inside. Educational and super fun.

Find These Good Stocking Stuffers Locally

Other ideas you can find locally in your area include the dollar section of Target where I found great colored pens for a dollar and stickers, too! If you live next to a TJ Maxx they have a ton of cute stocking stuffers like small pads of paper, colored pencils, little marble game sets and so much more. I also found little boxes of those pop snaps (think 4th of July) at a local toy store.

Happy Holidays!

WHEW, that’s it. I’m out of money and room. Hope these ideas make your holiday shopping a little easier this year. Stockings are my favorite part of Christmas morning, including the obligatory orange my parents always added to the toe as a base. Did your parents do this?  Happy Holidays everyone!




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