How to detox from air pollution

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We’ve had quite the eventful month here in southern California. On December 4th, 2017, the Thomas fire, swept through our community burning more than 280,000 acres and over 1,000 structures to become the largest fire in California history.

During the fire, and in the days and weeks since then, we have experienced very poor air quality. When structures burn, the smoke can become toxic, containing heavy metals, pesticides, asbestos, fire retardants and more. This can trigger underlying health conditions and make existing health conditions worse. Because of the health implications, it’s important to detox from air pollution if you’ve been exposed.

If you (or someone you love) have been exposed to air pollution from the Thomas fire (or air pollution in general), please use these easy tips to detox from air pollution. Our family is doing many of these suggestions for the next several months to help our bodies fully recover and heal. I hope they help you or someone close to you.

How to detox from air pollution

  1. Focus on DEEP hydration. Our bodies have natural, built-in, detoxification systems (love you, liver!), but they can’t work effectively if we aren’t hydrated and most of us walk around semi-dehydrated all the time. So to help the body detox from air pollution, add extra cleansing drinks to your daily routine. Cleansing drinks are more than just water, these drinks have added detoxification and hydration ingredients, too. Try sipping any of these drinks for added detox from air pollution:

Lemon water (squeeze juice of an entire lemon in a glass of water)

Cucumber juice (juice fresh cucumbers, cucumbers are one of the most hydrating things on the planet)

Ginger water (add a few slices of fresh ginger to filtered water)

Coconut water

Fresh fruit smoothies

Fresh green juices

2.  Filter your indoor air. We can’t control the air quality outside, but we can control the air quality inside. Filtering your inside air is one of the best things you can do for your health in general, so it’s even more important if you are facing air pollution from wildfire or other sources (like urban living, a new remodel, house with carpet, etc.). All air filters are not the same though and you get what you pay for. When doing your research, make sure your air filter does not produce ozone (usually this is produced from filters containing an ionizer). If you already have a purifier and it does produce ozone, just make sure you run it when you are out of the room and leave a few windows open. Turn it off when you enter the room and keep the windows cracked. Here are my favorites (I own each of these and can personally vouch for them).

IQ Air: IQ Air makes the best filters on the market today. The model we have even traps viruses it’s so good. We bought this one when the air quality was very poor a few weeks ago and the difference is remarkable. I can’t recommend it highly enough. Find an IQ Air, Health Pro Plus here. 

Molekule: We also have a Molekule and I like it very much. It’s much prettier than the IQ Air, so if design is important to you, then this could be a winner. I think the IQ Air is more effective than the Molekule, but the Molekule is still very good.

PureZone Air Filter: We have this model in the bedrooms. It’s a good choice if budget is an issue and it’s a solid HEPA air filter. Just be aware that this little filter can’t handle large square footage like the IQ Air. It’s best to use in a small bedroom, instead of a larger living area.

3. Supplements for detox. We are upping a few key supplements to help our bodies detox from air pollution. My kids are also taking these supplements at a lower dosage.

Ester-C: This form of vitamin C is great for supporting the liver to detoxify. It also helps to support lung health specifically.

Probiotics: In general probiotics are a good idea to help keep the gut running (i.e. eliminating) smoothly, which is our primary means of detoxification. We have two brands of probiotic that we like and we switch back and forth between them. Here’s one. Here’s the other.

4. Herbs for detox and lung support. There are so many herbs that are helpful for detoxification. Here are a few we are using to detox from air pollution.

Milk thistle: This is a great liver support and I feel comfortable with my kids taking it too. I take these capsules and my kids take this glycerine tincture. Make sure you buy tinctures that are made without alcohol.

Mullein leaf tea: We’ve been drinking lots of mullein leaf tea (steep 1 teaspoon of mullein leaf in 1 cup of hot water for 10 minutes and drink). I use this mullein leaf and add raw honey so the kids will drink it.

Thyme tea: Thyme tea is a great immune booster and according to Anthony William, thyme also increases blood flow to the lungs. We make thyme tea ourselves using the fresh herb. Here’s the recipe.

Peppermint tea: Peppermint tea is a tea my kids love and it also helps to support the lungs. I add raw honey for the kids, too.

5. Lifestyle detox practices. There are a few practices you can implement to help your body detox on a deeper level.

Infrared sauna: I like using my infrared sauna for 20 minutes to work up a deep sweat. Sweating is a major detox pathway for the body so using a sauna a great way to get to a deeper level of detoxification. Make sure you replenish your electrolytes after the sauna. I love drinking coconut water for this purpose.

Epsom salt bath: As long as your water is filtered, Epsom salt baths are a great way to detox and will also help you to relax during stressful times. A few years ago I wrote about how to give a detox bath to children. The protocol is the same for adults, just use more Epsom salts. I like using 2 cups of salt in my bath.

And there you have it! Even though air pollution is no good, there are ways we can thrive in a polluted environment. Try these easy ways to detox from air pollution and let me know what you think. I hope this post has empowered you to reclaim your vitality after exposure to air pollution.

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