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Kidscounter bath collection by www.kulamama.com

For October I’m giving away something special in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  In the 1960’s only 1 in 20 women was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Today 1 in 8 will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Only 10% of those people will have a genetic link.  Genetics play such a small part in whether or not we are predisposed to getting cancer.  What plays a bigger role is our everyday exposure to environmental chemicals found in our food, water, air, cleaning and personal care products.  The USA does a terrible job at protecting us from untested and potentially carcinogenic chemicals in these everyday items.  I’ve written extensively about how important it is to green your home environment if you have kids to reduce their overall chemical exposure.  Along with daily and weekly detox practices like exercise and detox baths, using safe personal care products is one of the best ways to decrease your child’s toxic load.

This month I’ve partnered with my friend Wendy at Beautycounter to offer you the chance to win their new KIDSCOUNTER line.  This product rates a 2 on the EWG skin deep database, passing my personal Kula Mama test.  We received a sample a few weeks ago and the kids are gaga over the smell.  They are actually requesting it at bath time.  I agree it does smell divine without using toxic artificial fragrances.

Beautycounter is a new company dedicated to non-toxic and safe personal care products.  They partner with, and donate to, some of my favorite non-profits including the Environmental Working Group, The Breast Cancer Fund and Healthy Child, Healthy World.  They reject using over 1500 chemicals banned in the EU over health concerns (most personal care products use these 1500 chemicals freely in the United States because our government does not regulate or restrict them).

I’m happy to be able to offer this giveaway exclusively to Kula Mama readers.  I know you all care about non-toxic products for children so I’m excited to be able to give you this chance to win a KIDSCOUNTER Beauty Collection set worth $42.  (Also check out the special offer for Kula Mama readers from Wendy personally at the bottom of this post)

Find out how to WIN a KIDSCOUNTER Bath Collection here:

1) Join my Instagram community and take a peek behind the Kula Mama scenes.

2) Head on over and follow my Facebook page.  It’s one of my favorite places to hang out and share really awesome links and information.

3) Click on the rafflecopter below to confirm your entry.  A random winner will be chosen via rafflecopter November 5th.* a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thank you Wendy (and Beautycounter) for offering Kula Mama readers this chance to win a safe, non-toxic product for their families.  And if you would like to do some non-toxic shopping for your family, head on over to my friend Wendy’s personal Beautycounter page.  If you spend $125 or more she will personally ship you this awesome peppermint lip balm.  This offer is only good on her website so click here to check it out!  Make sure you click on the KULA MAMA SOCIAL tab on the left and enter in your information so she knows you are a Kula Mama reader and also knows where to send your lip balm. Thank you Wendy for this special gift for Kula Mama readers!10726837_10204997773964469_1143410766_n


* This offer is open to USA residents only.  If multiple entries are received that look spammy I will choose another winner so please enter fairly!  Thank you!

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