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Mineral Broth:  Find my recipe here.

Raw Honey: I like to try to find it locally where I live, but I’ve also used this brand too.

Raw Buckwheat Honey: Find buckwheat honey here.

Elderberry:  If you want to save some money and make your own, use my super easy recipe and buy these elderberries.  When I used to buy syrup, I used this one.

Echinacea and Goldenseal:  My kids like this children’s variety from Eclectic Herbs

Garlic and Mullein Ear Oil: For the occasional ear infection we use this brand.

Mullein herb: We buy all our loose leaf herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Turmeric: If your child is older (over 12 years of age, consider this product. For younger children use the fresh turmeric root found in the produce section of your local health food store.

Vitamin C:  We use Rosehips tea (from Mountain Rose Herbs) or this Ester-C product.

Vitamin D3: I use a few drops of Vitamin D3 when my kids are sick. We like this one.

Omega-3:  I use this plant-based Omega-3 supplement to avoid any heavy metal contamination.

Probiotic: We all take this plant-based probiotic. It tastes like water so it’s easy to sneak in any drink or take alone under the tongue.

Quercetin: Quercetin can act like a decongestant when your little one is sick. The Ester-C product I recommend contains quercetin, but you can also buy it as a stand alone supplement here.

Magnesium Glycinate: I like magnesium glycinate because it’s easy on the tummy. Open a capsule and add it to juice or smoothies.

Lemon Balm: One of my favorite herbs for kids. We use this brand and I give it to my kids whenever they are sick.

Liquid Zinc Sulfate: One of the most important supplements for the immune system!  Make sure you take this WITH food. Follow the dosage on the bottle. This is the zinc we use.

Slippery Elm: You can buy the dried herb from Mountain Rose Herbs or try these lozenges.

General Dried Herbs:  I buy a lot of my organic dried herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Essential Oils: It is important to use quality essential oils.  I use this brand.

Epsom Salts: We use these for soaking in the tub.

Homeopathic Medicine: I get our remedies directly from our homeopathic doctor, but any brand you get at your local health food store will work.  I also like this brand you can buy from Amazon.

Homeopathic Home Reference Guide:  This book is what I use at home.

The Elimination Diet: An easy primer on how to do an Elimination Diet at home with your child. Includes lots of yummy recipes as well. Find the book here.


Holistic Medicine Kit

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