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When I ask Kula Mama readers what the MOST want to win during giveaway time, the Vitamix always WINS and I understand. I waited a long time for my Vitamix–it’s an investment–but so worth it. I use mine EVERY day, multiple times a day and it always proves itself worthy of all those dollars I spent to own it. But you know what would have been better than convincing my husband a blender was worth so much money and we NEEDED one?


Yup, that would have been WAY better. So this month I’m giving away a Vitamix Pro 500 (worth $600). But wait, that’s not all!

This month I’ve partnered with Pure Prescriptions, a company that’s been providing high quality supplements for over 10 years. I first learned about Pure Prescriptions from my friend Tracey over at Don’t Mess with Mama. The owner is a friend of hers and she told me the story about how the Devin (the owner) was diagnosed with cancer 10 years ago. He began intense research on how to heal his body from the inside out and starting writing about his journey on his website. Soon his readers wanted to know where to find immune boosting supplements for healing and Devin decided to start a company of his own. 10 years later they are still helping people heal and thrive.

Along with the Vitamix Pro 500, I’m also giving away 8 canisters of NewGreens Organic, a supplement drink that contains 20+ servings of fruit, vegetables, antioxidants and superfoods in just one scoop. Together this giveaway is worth $1000. Are you interested? Here’s how to enter:

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How to enter the giveaway:

1. Sign up for the Pure Prescriptions email newsletter.

2. Like Pure Prescriptions on Facebook.

3. Use Rafflecopter to log your entries and unlock bonus entries. For more ways to win, visit all of the blogs participating in this giveaway.

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***Make sure you visit all the blogs responsible for this giveaway for MORE chances to WIN!***

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