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Eczema is a childhood condition that is on the rise today. This condition can range from mild to severe. Often flaring up and causing uncomfortable burning, pain, itching and overall grumpiness…eczema is no fun for kids or parents. For our story healing my daughter’s eczema, please read this post.

Conventional Medicine says NO CURE for Eczema.

When you take your itchy baby or child to the doctor hoping for a solution the answer may disappoint you. Conventional medicine does not currently offer a cure for eczema. Instead, the condition is thought of as a common childhood ailment and to manage symptoms a topical steroid cream is usually prescribed.

Eczema is NOT a Skin Condition.

Steroid creams may suppress symptoms for a short time however they do not address the root cause of eczema and eventually the eczema will flare again. Putting steroid cream on eczema is like putting a lid on a boiling pot of water. Eventually the pot will boil over and the eczema will flare because the true cause of eczema originates from inflammation within the body. Eczema is a systemic problem, not a skin condition so finding the root of the problem is imperative for healing to occur. Not only are steroid creams not a cure, but they also pose their own risks to children if used long-term including thinning of skin and hormone disruption.

Why Your Child Has Eczema.

Why does your child have eczema? It would be pretty bold of me to tell you there is ONE reason why your child has eczema. Usually there isn’t only one trigger for eczema but instead it is a combination of factors causing the inflammation. Studies done on individuals with eczema have found these individuals share some commonalities you may want to explore with your child.

IMBALANCED GUT FLORA: The root of eczema most likely originates in the gut (like most health conditions). Children with eczema often have low levels of beneficial bacteria and suffer from digestive distress in childhood such as diarrhea and constipation. 

LEAKY GUT and FOOD ALLERGIES/SENSITIVITIES: Because of an imbalanced gut flora, leaky gut syndrome can develop. This is a condition where the digestive tract stops functioning as it should and food sits in the gut too long, causing an array of symptoms like gas, bloating, cramping, headaches, fatigue, or sometimes no symptoms at all.

SENSITIVITY TO ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINANTS: Children with eczema often have environmental allergies to dust, pollen, molds and dander. Additionally these children may be reacting to contaminants in personal care products and cleaning products.

What You Can Do to Heal Eczema and Calm Inflammation.

Eliminate Problem Foods and Heal Gut: Not only is it important to discover problem foods in your child’s diet, but it is also important to heal and soothe the gut lining. An elimination diet should be implemented to find trigger foods. I have seen immediate relief for kids with eczema when problem foods are removed.  Additionally you should also work to heal the gut lining so your child does not continue to form new food allergies and/or sensitivities.

Eliminate Environmental Triggers: Green and clean your space to eliminate as many environmental triggers as possible by installing HEPA air filters and using non-toxic cleaning products and personal care products.

Supplement with Probiotics and Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Two supplements found helpful in easing eczema, probiotic supplement and omega-3 supplement. We like this plant-based probiotic supplement and this plant-based omega-3 supplement.

Stress Reduction: Stress can serve as a trigger for eczema flare ups so work to implement stress reduction practices into your child’s life. Mindfulness meditation is a wonderful coping mechanism to teach your child.  I also like implementing a meditative activity like mandala coloring for young bodies.

Do you have a child with eczema? What holistic remedies have you found helpful?

Childhood Eczema Causes and Holistic Remedies by Kula Mama

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