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I currently have coconut oil and cinnamon sticks in the crock pot and you know what that means!  I’m prepping my ingredients to make an EPIC homemade holiday gift (hopefully).

It’s time, people.

And I think I picked up the word epic from my surfer husband.  Forgive me.

The Holidays (and I capitalize that word intentionally)… are upon us.  The way I stay sane this time of year is to start early.  I’m not a procrastinator,  I never have been.  I wrote my papers in college long before they were do.  I hate last minute stuff.  It’s stressful and I can’t stay up past 9pm making the ever-productive “ALL NIGHTER” out of the question for me.

So let’s plan the holiday gift-giving early this year, shall we?

Every year I have a list of teachers, neighbors, friends and relatives that I want to gift with something to show some holiday cheer and appreciation.  Because we aren’t rolling in never ending cash around here, I have to keep our holiday budget under control– so I usually make several homemade gifts.  The beauty of making homemade holiday gifts is that you can give to more people! And I also think the homemade touch is really, really nice.  When I receive a homemade gift I know time, energy, (maybe tears) and love went into the project and I appreciate it so much.  So enough chatter, let’s check out my favorite homemade holiday gift ideas!

Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas


body scrub final

DIY 5-Minute Body Scrub

This is has been a winner for us several years.  It’s easy to put your sugar scrub into a mason jar and decorate it very seasonally.  This gift is super affordable to make and people usually really love it.

Beeswax Candle Tutorial by www.kulamama.com

Homemade Beeswax Candles

I’m working on a version of these for one of our holiday gifts this year.  Everyone loves candles, but commercial brands are so toxic and pollute your home with chemicals.  I love the idea of giving my loved ones a non-toxic version of this classic gift.


DIY Essential Oil Perfume

I know several women in my life who would love some non-toxic perfume so this is a great idea.  Instead of a jar I would put it in a roller tube like this for easy application.


Homemade Simmering Stovetop Potpourri

I’m considering this recipe for my son’s 2 teachers this year.   I’m hoping their houses smell divine all winter break, leading them to attribute their holiday cheer to my son 😉


Homemade Bath Salts

I like the added touch of real dried herbs to the traditional bath salt recipe.  It adds a bit of holiday flair. Package them in affordable mason jars
and let your children paint the lids for a personal touch.



Homemade Body Lotion

Lotions and potions are always a hit with the ladies.  I haven’t had luck making a non-greasy lotion of my own but this recipe looks easy and non-greasy!  I may have to try it.


Homemade Vanilla

We received this gift one holiday from our dear friends and I LOVED it.  Vanilla is such a sweet gift and it’s easy to make!


 Easy Homemade Chocolate Bars

For the hostess with the mostess.  These would make a super sweet gift if you go to someone’s house for dinner.

Now you tell me!  What are your favorite homemade holiday gift ideas?  I’d love to hear them so tell me in the comments below!

easy homemade holiday gift ideas from www.kulamama.com

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