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Now that you’ve made your Ginger Bug…WHAT on EARTH should you do with it? I had the same question after making my first bug.  Well, the options are endless let me tell you!  You can add your ginger bug to an array of juices for added probiotic power.

Now, my kids don’t love the taste of ginger.  I personally love it.  But they think it’s spicy.  So when I use my ginger bug with juice for the kids, I use only a small amount.  I plan to increase the ginger bug/juice ratio as they get used to the flavor of the “new juice” I keep serving them.  Us moms have to stay sneaky sometimes, and plan for a long haul.

I hope your kids enjoy this apple juice recipe too.

Probiotic Apple Juice

2 cups of fresh organic apple juice

1/8 cup liquid from your ginger bug (strain out the liquid and remember to replace the water your remove from your “bug” so it can continue to thrive!)


Mix all ingredients and serve.


Probiotic Apple Juice from Kula Mama

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