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So you bought the book!  (If you ended up on this page randomly and are wondering where to get the book: go here.)

And you’re ready to build your holistic medicine kit, right?  I hope so!  I’ve compiled all the products I use into one place to make it easy.  I hope you enjoy using natural remedies at home.

Bone Broth:  It’s best to make your own and here’s my recipe.  But in a pinch you can buy this one.

Raw Honey: I like to try to find it locally where I live, but I’ve also used this brand too.

Elderberry:  If you want to save some money and make your own, use my super easy recipe and buy these elderberries.  When I used to buy syrup, I used this one.

Echinacea:  My kids like this children’s variety from Herb Pharm.

Garlic and Mullein Ear Oil: For the occasional ear infection we use this brand.

Mullein herb: For use in teas and recipes we use the mullein herb.

Vitamin C:  We use Rosehips tea or this buffered Vitamin C as a supplement.

Cod Liver Oil:  I like this cod liver oil by Rosita.

Probiotic:  My kids take this one and I take this one.

General Dried Herbs:  I buy a lot of my organic dried herbs at Mountain Rose Herbs.

Essential Oils: It is important to use quality essential oils.  I use this brand.

Homeopathic Medicine: I get our remedies directly from our homeopathic doctor, but any brand you get at your local health food store will work.  I also like this brand you can buy from Amazon.

Homeopathic Home Reference Guide:  This book is what I use at home.

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