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The sweetness that is sugar, also known as dextrose, maltose, corn syrup, glucose, or fructose is loved by the masses. Go to any celebratory occasion and you will likely see cake and soda as a focal point. My kids love sweet things, they always have. I try to stay mindful about sugar consumption in our house, but it’s not easy. Sugar lurks in almost all packaged goods; crackers, breads, cookies, cereals, protein bars, and more.  While I will never eliminate sugar completely from our home, I try to keep sugar consumption to a minimum and reserved for special occasions like birthday parties.  Why do I monitor my children’s sugar intake?   Here are 5 reasons to ditch sugar for happier (and healthier) kids.

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5 reasons to ditch sugar for happier and healthier kids by www.kulamama.com Some of the reasons may surprise you!

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